Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I get there?"

Click below to get directions to FBNO.

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"What time is the service?"

We have one worship service at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings.

You're also invited to join a Bible Study group at either before worship at 8:15 am, or after the service at 11 am. There are groups for every age and stage of life, filled with and led by people with the same interests as you.

"What should I wear?"

Most people show up wearing business-casual. You won't be out of place in jeans, but you also won't stick out in a suit and tie. At FBNO, we encourage you to wear what you are most comfortable in.

"What if I have special needs?"

Greeters are placed at every entrance to the sanctuary and can assist you if you have any questions or special needs regarding seating. Should you need assistance during the service, a greeter will be happy to help.

"What do I do during the worship service?"

We would love to meet you and make you feel welcome. Don't worry—We won't put you on the spot or call you to the front! We'd like to know that you joined us, so we ask that you complete a connect card found in the seatbacks and place it in the offering box at the door as you exit the sanctuary.

"What is a worship service at FBNO like?"

In all, our services last approximately 75 minutes.

You’ll experience worship led by Nate Jernigan and our worship band. We sing modern songs of worship and hymns arranged to allow the songs of our faith to be sung in a relevant way today. The music portion of the service typically lasts about 25 minutes.

Pastor Chad Gilbert will teach the timeless truths of the Bible with clarity and real-life application. Chad's sermons are biblical and relevant to today's changing culture. The teaching portion of the service usually lasts about 40 minutes.

"Will I be pressured to give money?"

We know that there can be a lot of anxiety on this subject when visiting a new church. There's absolutely no pressure to give! If you would like to give, no gift is too small.

"What do I do after the service?"

We would love to meet you. As you exit, please make your way to our Welcome Center, where we'd love to give you a small gift from us. You can also text the keyword "new" to 504.290.0741 to receive a brief connect card and have a pastor follow up with you. We would love to talk with you and get to know you more and answer any questions you might have.