The Three Circles


The Bible teaches that not only do we live in a broken world but that we are broken people. The murder, theft, racism, and abuse we experience in this world come from broken hearts containing hate, greed, and pride. But that is not how God designed the world.

God's Design

The Bible teaches that when God created the world and people, He said it was "very good." There was no murder, theft, abuse, or racism. People had an unhindered relationship with God and with one another. So how did we get from God's very good design to the brokenness we live in today?


The Bible answers that question by teaching that sin entered the world. It entered the very first people and has been within us ever since. As much as we try to fix our broken world and our broken hearts to get back to God's design, we can't. God knows this and did something to bring us back to His design.


The Bible teaches that God sent his one and only Son, who lived a perfect life. Jesus' life was not broken by sin like our lives. But he died on a cross at the end of that perfect life. The Bible teaches the consequence of sin is death, which is why Jesus died on the cross— to pay the consequence for my sin and yours. The Bible also teaches that after Jesus died, he was buried in a tomb for three days, but God raised Jesus from the dead to show the world that Jesus had defeated sin and death. He was seen by many witnesses and then ascended into Heaven, and the Bible promises that one day he will return.

Getting Back to God's Design

The Bible teaches that if I will turn from my brokenness and sin and follow Jesus, believing this message about Jesus, then I will be saved and will then be able to grow back into God's design for my life. This is the Gospel.

Near or Far?

In light of what the Bible teaches, would you say that you are near to God because you have turned from your sin and followed Jesus, or would you say you are still far from God in your brokenness?"


If you're still far from God, what's keeping you from turning away from your sin and following Jesus today?

If you'd like to start following Jesus, you can begin by saying a prayer like this:

"God, I want to give my life to you today. I know that I am a sinner and need your forgiveness. I believe that you gave Jesus to die on the cross for me. I believe that only Jesus can save me through his life, death, and resurrection. I ask you to take away my sin and give me a new heart and life. As best as I know how I give my life to you and desire for Jesus to be the King of my life from this point forward. Amen."

I Prayed This Prayer!