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Nathan McQuary

Media Ministry Director

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    Running, bicycling, building LEGOs, reading comics, and playing video games.

    Recent Favorite Book:

    Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

    Recent Favorite TV Show:

    Abbott Elementary

    Recent Favorite Movie:

    Everything Everywhere All At Once

    Recent Favorite Song:

    u brought heaven down by sxxnt.

    Favorite restaurant:

    Johnny Sanchez

    Favorite thing to do in New Orleans:

    Catching a Pels game at SKC.

    Most exciting place you've visited:

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Salvation story:

    I made a profession of faith at the age of six at a performance of "Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames." It wasn't until I was a teenager that I understood that faith wasn't about a perfunctory performance of religious activities, but about following after Jesus and serving those he loves. 

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