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Disaster Relief Updates

The Work Continues
Aug 25, 2016

FBNO has a team in Baton Rouge as I am writing this and two other teams that will be there on Saturday and Monday.  If you are looking for a way to help we can put you to work.  We are continuing to partner with Baton Rouge area churches who are on the ground and are able to most effectively coordinate the work.  Please continue to Pray, Give, and Go to the need in Baton Rouge.  

Disaster Relief Sign-Up

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Please indicate one or more days that you would like to serve.

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Disaster Relief Updates

Getting Help for Family, Friends and More
Aug 22, 2016

FBNO teams volunteering for the cleanup effort in Baton Rouge are serving referrals from churches and agencies in the Baton Rouge area. Because we are not on the ground every day, and we want people to be served as quickly as possible, we are not currently handling referrals for projects. If you or friends or family members are in need of assistance in mudding out your home, we encourage you to fill out applications for assistance through one or more of the following organizations: 

    • The LSU BCM is offering assistance through Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief. Access their webpage on Louisiana flooding disaster relief at https://louisianabaptists.org/disasterrelief#propertyowner
    • Scroll down until you see “Looking for a form? Find them here,” written in black letters. Directly below will be blue hypertext that says, “Property Owner Request for Assistance Form.” Click this link, which will bring you further down the page to a section entitled, “Property Owner Assistance.”
    • There will be a blue, rectangular button entitled “Property Owner Request for Assistance Form.” Click this link, which will open a document that you need to print and fill out. You can turn this form into any of the nine churches listed below the blue, rectangular button on the previous page.
  • Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge
    • Access their webpage at http://www.bagbr.org/
    • In the middle column of the site, there will be a link to apply for assistance. Click this link, entitled “Assessment Form—Fill out this form.” Fill out the required information, and the Baptist Association will contact you to assess how they can help you begin the cleanup and recovery.
  • New Orleans Baptist Association
    • Call 504-282-1428
  • Samaritan’s Purse
    • Samaritan’s Purse has set up a site in East Baton Rouge Parish at Greenwood Springs Baptist Church. Homeowners can either call the phone number to request assistance, or you can travel to the church to work with volunteers there to assess your home and get a work order written up. The address is as follows:

Greenwell Springs Baptist Church
19421 Greenwell Springs Road
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
Homeowner Phone: 985-402-4350

Fill out an application on each site. If you don’t receive help in the next few days, please contact us and we will try to help facilitate a response.

Thank you for your patience. Our strategy continues to change as we have more volunteers and become more aware of ways that we can help. Keep updated by following us on Facebook (firstbaptistneworleans) or twitter (@fbnola) --  or by checking for updates to our disaster relief update blog at fbno.org/disaster-relief-updates

 When you do receive help through one of these organizations, please contact the other agencies to remove your name from their lists. Doing so will help prevent a bottleneck of services for other residents.

Disaster Relief Updates

Reports from Disaster Relief Teams
Aug 22, 2016

FBNO teams took 16 people to Baton Rouge on Saturday, and another 12 people today. The needs are great, and the blessing is huge for those who go. Many of our people are serving on their own -- helping friends and family, or connecting with other groups who are going. Let's all keep looking for ways that we can pray, give and go to express our faith in love to our neighbors to the north!

Here are a few pictures from Saturday and today!




Disaster Relief Updates

New Opportunities for Clean up in Baton Rouge.
Aug 22, 2016

We will be taking two more groups to Baton Rouge this week. One on Thursday and another on Saturday - both leaving at 7:45 am from the church. If you would like to join these teams, please register even if you were on a previous team, so that we can keep track of who is going.

Disaster Relief Sign-Up

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Day(s) you would like to serve.

Please indicate one or more days that you would like to serve.

I would prefer to serve with:*

Read the instructions in the first blog to know what to wear and bring! We are primarily mudding out, but we also have opportunities to help organize donations coming into local churches in the Baton Rouge area. 

Disaster Relief Updates

FBNO Baton Rouge Flood Response
Aug 17, 2016

Dear FBNO Family,


The flood events of the last few days have taken our church family back to the weeks and months following Hurricane Katrina. Many have expressed the heartfelt desire to return the favor of those days to our neighbors - and help them in their time of crisis. Our plan is evolving as we learn more, but for now, here are some ways that you can gather to go to the need!


 Current areas of specific needs and service include:
  • Mudding out homes and cleanup

  • Serving in distribution centers or delivering food. 

Opportunities to deploy with a team from New Orleans include: 

  • FBNO Teams deploying from the church, 5290 Canal Blvd, at various times over the next few weeks - meeting at 7:45 am, and returning the same afternoon/evening. Register here to go with an FBNO team.  Teams are currently scheduled to go as follows:

    • Thursday, August 25 
    • Saturday, August 27

  • New Orleans Baptist Association (NOBA) Teams deploying daily from the NOBA Office, 2222 Lakeshore Drive - leaving at 8:00 am, and returning the same afternoon/evening. Areas of service are similar to those at FBNO. Register here to go with a NOBA Team.

Here is a list for what to wear and what to bring:

  • work boots/rubber boots
  • long pants are ideal for most working conditions (you may want to bring shorts to change into if your site allows - it is hot!)
  • work gloves and/or plastic gloves (we have some, but you will probably want your own)
  • Tools and Supplies (we do not have a supply of these, and depend on those brought by our volunteers)
    • pry bars (crucial to mudding out)
    • hammers (crucial)
    • shovels
    • wheelbarrows
    • dollies
    • shop vacs
    • push brooms/squeegees 


  • NOBA is a donation center, receiving bottled water and nonperishable food items are immediately edible -- many people do not have cooking capacity, so this is not a canned food drive.  FBNO members may bring their NOBA donations to the FBNO lobby, to be delivered to NOBA. Please do not drop off any items not on the NOBA or FBNO lists at the church. WE ARE NOT PROCESSING CLOTHING DONATIONS!

  • FBNO is receiving donations of bottled water (12 oz and 1 gal. preferred) for our teams to use and distribute at their sites.

  • If you would like to give through FBNO: Checks made out to FBNO should be designated “Disaster Relief” in the memo line. To give online, place your giving amount in the line marked "BRLA Disaster Relief.” For now, we are funding our efforts through The Care Effect, so any donations we receive will be forwarded to the Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge.


  • Trust: Pray for organization in the midst of the chaos, and that people would trust the systems in place to meet the multitude of needs.

  • Peace: Anxious people are sheltering together in homes and public shelters. Pray for a peace that passes understanding to prevail.

  • Strength: The ministers meeting the needs of their congregations have also lost their own homes. Pray for God to strengthen their arms and that they would not grow weary.

Upcoming Events

Senior Adult Luncheon
Friday, September 23, 2016, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Guest Speaker: Lauren Broussard, Landside Operations Manager of the New Orleans Lakeside Airport

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