Nehemiah: The Man That God Uses

Series: Created to Lead

August 26, 2018 | Dr. Tommy Middleton
Passage: Nehemiah 1:1-2:5

Leadership: Brings about spiritual awakening, motivates others to greater service, encourages unity among the people of God.

The Man that God Uses Walks in Humility

Nehemiah 1: 1-10

  • Who is Nehemiah: Cupbearer of the King (v. 11)
  • What did he do: He was willing to ask the questions no one else would ask
  • How did he respond?
    • The disobedient respond—the “too too”
    • His obedient response:
      • He genuinely worshipped God (v. 4-7), Inventory, Praise, Confession
      • He knew the Word of God

The Man that God uses Acts with Courage

Nehemiah 1: 11, 2: 1-5

  • What happens in the prayer cannot stay there (Psalms 37: 4)
  • Nehemiah had the courage to ask.
  • Nehemiah had the courage to leave.

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