Midweek Connection

Wednesday, September 4, 2024 at 5:30 pm

About the Event

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Midweek Connection provides the encouragement, refreshment, and equipment required to help us flourish as disciples in our workplaces, schools, families, and neighborhoods.


Preschool children will watch Owlegories, an animated series that blends adventure with gospel-centered lessons about nature, faith, and God. Each session includes a Bible-based video followed by a related craft or coloring activity. This program aims to teach young children about God through the wonders of nature and biblical teachings. Special Christmas and Easter episodes are scheduled around those holidays to enrich their understanding of these significant events in the Christian faith. It provides a relaxing yet educational way for children to learn foundational truths about God amidst their weekly activities.


Kids will explore their identity in Christ through the HyFi curriculum from Lifeway, designed to create a dynamic, camp-like experience. Each month, children will engage with Bible-based content within a lively thematic framework. HyFi aims to foster deep connections, genuine friendships, and a sense of belonging, preparing children emotionally to understand the gospel message. The evening includes Team Time for initial bonding, Group Time with games, interactive videos, and teaching, and concludes with further team activities for application. Adult volunteers are encouraged to serve as Team Leaders, requiring minimal preparation. HyFi utilizes high-quality media, games, and collaborative learning to ensure all participants have an enjoyable yet biblically grounded experience.


Youth will engage in fun games, opportunities to make lasting connections, and spaces to hear from and reflect on God’s Word with other students.


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