St. Louis Mission Trip

07.30.17 | by Ronnell Allen

         Well, let me take you on a journey of how our mission trip was from my view. The first day we went to the Christian Activity Center (CAC), I had a nervous feeling because people at the church where we were staying said that the CAC is in the worst part of St. Louis (which made me think of my neighborhood). 


         I was so anxious to see how it was going to be, but when we got there it was nothing compared to what the people said. It was similar to what people say about my neighborhood; how the kids are so bad, etc. The only thing they really need is someone to show them the love and care Jesus has for us. 


         On our mission trip I talked to the kids at the CAC and shared my testimony for the first time. I talked about how Christ worked in a tremendous way in my life. I showed them care and loved them, and that was huge for me. As I got to see Christ moving into their lives, He has moved into my life even more. 

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