Mother's Day

05.12.17 | by David Crosby

         My wife and I both grew up in large families. Janet is the third of nine children, and I am the second of thirteen. Witnessing to our loved ones has been a big part of our lives.

         My cousins were some of the first people I talked to about the good news of Jesus Christ. As a teenager I talked with Janet Hamilton about trusting Jesus as Savior. She came to know Christ in part through that witness. We married some years later.

         Janet and I talked to her siblings about the gospel of Christ. Some of them were baptized by my father into the fellowship of our church at Center City, Texas.

         The gospel often travels along friendship and family lines. Many of us include in our own story of faith the great influence of our parents or grandparents. I myself learned about Jesus through my mother and my father. I would count my father as the greatest human influence in my life. I knelt in our living room when I was a boy, my father and mother kneeling with me, as I asked for God’s forgiveness and received Christ as my Savior and Lord.

         Mother’s Day is a great time to remember with gratitude the influence of godly mothers and grandmothers along with other mentors in our family tree. Recall how they passed the flame of faith to you. Follow their lead in your own family and friendship circles.

         The gospel of Christ is most likely to reach your closest friends and loved ones through you. That does not mean that you will necessarily be physically present when your loved one cries out to God for mercy and salvation. It does mean that when they relate the forces that brought them to Christ, your name will likely be in that story.

         Keep praying, keep trusting, and keep living the life to which you have been called. Jesus Christ saved you and left you here on this planet in part so that he could use you as a conduit to reach the people around you. Your reach is longer than you realize. Your light is brighter than you think. Your prayers are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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