Making a Global Impact Here at Home

10.19.17 | by Christi Gibson

         We talk a lot at FBNO about the local effect of caring and the global impact of giving. We want what we do and what we give to make a difference. And it does.

         I’d like to tell you about three of our local Care Effect ministries that are making an impact. We support each work through regular praying and giving, and by going to serve each week. The mind-boggling thing about these ministries is that while the service is local, the impact is global.

         Through our ESL classes here at FBNO on Wednesday nights our volunteers teach English as a second language to students from several different countries.

         We also have volunteers who serve with the International Collegiate Ministry at UNO with students through weekly gatherings or hosting students in their homes. FBNO also provides regular support to Global Maritime Ministries, a local ministry to seafarers from around the world, and volunteers serve at the ministry’s center on weekdays. Staff from ships coming into our port come to the center, and are able to make phone calls home, enjoy the center’s hospitality, and receive the Bible in their own language. What is shared with the men and women through these ministries is taken to the far corners of the earth when they return to their homes. The ministry is local, the impact is global.

         Your gifts to the Global Impact Offering support these ministries and so much more! We are wrapping up the 2017 offering next week, on October 29—and starting our 2018 year on November 1. You can use the green envelope in the pew rack to make a contribution above your regular tithe, or designate your text-to-give or online gift to Global Impact.

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