Join Generously

09.01.17 | by David Crosby

         Summer expenses are high for our church with camps, VBS/CAC, and utilities. Giving slumps in the summer because people are on vacation, etc. As is often the case, church finances are now in a significant deficit.

         Normally I would be asking our regular givers to double up in September. They always respond, and it always helps our financial picture.

          But I am changing the ASK this year.

          HERE’S MY ASK: JOIN GENEROUSLY in the work of your church.

          JOIN GENEROUSLY is something for each of us to consider. Here’s how I would measure success:

    1. We are asking that we, as a church, increase our weekly giving by a total of $3,000. About 700 families call us their church home. About 350 families are represented any given Sunday. An increase of $10 per family attending would make this happen.


    1. We are asking everyone who calls First Baptist “my church” to give regularly to our work. We need many new, regular givers. If we were to reach 80 percent participation, that would be success. You may need to start at two percent of your income or you may be able to increase to twelve percent, but start somewhere with a weekly or monthly gift. Be deliberate. Be faithful.


    1. We are asking that our gifts be meaningful. If a dollar doesn’t mean much in the scope of your income, make it $10. If that is not really meaningful, make it $100 or $1,000. The Apostle Paul said our gifts should be “in keeping with our income”(1 Corinthians 16:2). You must determine your personal success in this matter.

         Ultimately, God is the One who asks us to give. He is the great Giver of this universe. We follow him as we cultivate a generous heart.

         Join generously!

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