Inspired to Grow - Victory Sunday

05.05.17 | by Beth Akin

         Lee Stroebel, author of The Case for Christ, also wrote another book called God’s Outrageous Claims that discusses nine “claims” or promises God makes that seem outrageous to the human mind. Perhaps none of the nine is more outrageous than #6—“You Gain When You Give Yourself Away.”

        Stroebel says that Christians “find fulfillment in costly sacrifices,” even when they are “physically taxing, emotionally draining, financially expensive, or downright dangerous.”  I hope you have discovered that truth for yourself.  God often calls us to sacrifice, which results in great blessings, even when (and sometimes especially when) the sacrifice makes our lives difficult.

         Today we learn the total gifts pledged to date to the Inspired to Grow Capital Campaign. We asked you to pray, then to pledge as God leads.  But I hope that perhaps you have been inspired to pledge an amount that you cannot possibly give without God’s help.  The Campaign Team’s prayer has been that each of you would grow spiritually, especially as you trust God to help you meet your commitment.

        Nothing undergirds rapid spiritual growth as much as giving sacrificially.  As our campaign title suggests, growth is the goal.  Yes, we need more space for Bible Study, but what we really need even more is more prayer, more love, more service, more giving, more faith.  May you experience the truth that “you gain when you give yourself away,” as you give back to God the time, talents, and money He has given you.

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