Inspired to Grow Testimony - Launch Sunday

03.31.17 | by Lisa Cooper

         Don and I were searching for a new church home when we walked through the doors of FBNO.  The building had only officially opened the previous Sunday.  We have often spoken of the love we felt when we came to FBNO.  But there was something else that we often shared with one another, if not with the church.

         We felt privileged to be able to worship in the beautiful new facility that we entered in the summer of 2004.  And we were acutely aware – and still are – that the facility was not built by us.  It was built by the hard work and donations of other people, who wanted to build a new house of worship for people they had never met.  People like Don and me.

         Over the past decade, our church population has changed. There is a whole new generation of believers at FBNO like Don and me, who are blessed continuously by a church and a facility that others built. They built it knowing it would be needed.

         Now it’s our turn to sacrifice to build a facility for people we have not yet met.

         We need to build children’s space for children who haven’t been born yet.  We need to build youth space for our existing youth and for young people who have not yet stepped through our doors.  We need to build adult education space for the parents who will one day be bringing their children to FBNO.

         Others made many sacrifices to create the space that we call our church home.  But our church family is outgrowing that home.  I hope you will join us in committing to support our upcoming building campaign.

         People we have not met yet are counting on us.

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