Inspired to Grow - Prayer Testimony

04.13.17 | by Cathy Dobbins

         I’ve been blessed to be a part of the Prayer Support Team for our Inspired to Grow campaign. As I’ve prayed alongside fellow FBNO members for God’s clear guidance for the campaign, the Holy Spirit brought to mind times in my life when the Father showed His great faithfulness.

         As a young wife, my husband opened his long-awaited general construction company—only to have the oil and gas industry collapse and business throughout the region dry up!  As I turned to the Lord in prayer asking Him to provide, He did just that! Contracts were granted when the pipeline seemed empty, and small jobs were found to tide us over.  I saw the faithfulness of our Father.  More recently when I joined the FBNO staff, I again experienced His faithfulness.  Leaving a flourishing career to follow His leading, I was challenged to trust.  Wow, what a blessing! I have the special and unique opportunity to serve His church through my daily work.  And He faithfully continues to provide my needs.

         The vision for this campaign has opened my eyes to see the many ways God will be glorified and people reached for His kingdom through our willingness to trust and give.  I’ve been challenged once again to surrender my will to the Father’s in my own giving to the Inspired to GrowCampaign.

         Let us each pray for our Lord’s clear leading for our participation in this campaign.  Let us trust that through our obedience to Him we, individually and as a body of believers, will experience a deepening love and devotion to Him. May we experience an even richer fellowship together as a church united to serve and glorify Him.

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