I Foster

05.19.17 | by Christi Gibson

         I foster. I’m not a foster parent, but I am in the daily business of encouraging, supporting and strengthening families providing a home for children who—for some reason, for a season, of no fault of their own—find themselves in foster care.

         If you’re a part of the FBNO family, chances are good that you foster, too. Maybe you have prayed for a foster family as their routines were disrupted and transformed. Maybe you have shared a meal, done some laundry or babysat a time or two. Maybe you’ve made it possible for a child to attend camp, enjoy VBS, or learn to worship each week in a safe environment.

         Foster families, we thank you. The children you’ve cared for have deeply enriched our church body. We’ve gotten to see them thrive as their physical, emotional and spiritual needs were met in a loving family. We’ve gotten to see some of them find a forever home, and sometimes receive eternal life. We’ve gotten to rejoice over an adoption or a return to a birth family that has worked hard to mend an area of brokenness. And we’ve mourned as we’ve faced the hard truth that often things are not as they should be in the life of a child. You’ve given us this.

         Fostering children. It’s complicated. It’s hard. It’s rich. It’s a privilege and a blessing.

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