Generous Means Regular

09.08.17 | by Stephen Harris

         Last week our pastor challenged each of us to join generously in the work of our church.  Specifically, he asked us to give regularly. Giving is an act of worship that allows us to return to our loving Heavenly Father a portion of what He has given us. Regular giving acknowledges God's consistent faithfulness to us and demonstrates our confidence in Him to provide for us. Practically speaking, regular giving allows the church to budget and plan appropriately for programming, ministries and personnel.

         My parents instilled in me the idea of regular giving. As I started earning money through part-time jobs as a teenager, they guided me to give a portion back to the church. This made it easier to establish a pattern of giving when I got a full-time job after college. Kelli and I have made giving a priority in our married life.  It hasn't always been easy, especially when facing bills or a pressing tuition payment, but God has truly been faithful. He is the giver of all and has been generous. When we keep this perspective, we look at giving not as a chore or simply an outflow of dollars, but as a thankful response to His unending, never wavering love.

         Giving regularly means different things to each of us. My family has fluctuated between giving once a month to giving each week. Right now we take advantage of our bank's bill payment feature and have a check sent directly to the church. We have told the bank how much to send each week and they take care of the rest.  You may prefer putting something in the offering plate each week. There are also ways to give online or by text. Prayerfully consider what works best for you. Let's heed the call of our pastor to join generously and give regularly!

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