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08.11.17 | by Christi Gibson

         You know the way some people feel about a sports team, a video game, or music? I feel that way about the church. I’m amazed and fascinated at the way God brings so many people together—with different personalities, gifts, abilities, and tastes; from different backgrounds and even parts of the world—and then places them in the body of Christ to do their part to help it grow. How could that ever get boring?

         For this church geek, the Ministry Fair is a little bit like going to Disney World—only not nearly as expensive or exhausting! There are so many things to discover and do—and people to get to know. Like Disney, it can be a little overwhelming—but it’s all in having a plan for how to approach it.

         You can take the “people” approach. Every ministry at FBNO is made up of ordinary people with a passion for something. You could spend the entire fair just meeting those people and letting them tell you about their FBNO thing. You might find a friend.

         You can take the “plug in” approach. Maybe you come here today with some needs. Maybe you’re looking for a place to use your gifts. Maybe you’d like to connect with a work or find a place to belong. Take this time to discover what’s happening, how it might be what you’re looking for or what you might bring to the table.

         You can take the “prayer” approach. FBNO ministries cannot function without prayer. This afternoon, you could go from table to table asking each ministry leader how you can pray for the people doing that ministry or being served by that ministry.

         You can take the “prize” approach. On the back of the Ministry Fair map is a little game with 10 things that may—or may not—be a thing at FBNO. Visit the tables and ask questions to complete the game and turn it in at the Small Groups table in the Discipleship area to be entered in a drawing for a fun prize.

         Whatever approach you take to the fair today—it’s my hope that you’ll discover something about FBNO that brings out a little bit of the church geek in you. If that happens, embrace it. It’s not a bad way to do life.

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