08.04.17 | by Christi Gibson

         I loved Connect-the-Dot pages when I was a child.  I usually stared at the page for several minutes before I touched my pencil to the page—connecting the numbers in my mind to see if I could guess what the picture would be.  I find myself doing something similar when someone new becomes a part of our church family, joins a missions or ministry team, or tries out a small group.  I wonder who they will get to know, how they will grow, what gifts they will discover, and what contribution they will make.

         Sometimes, I make some good predictions—but most of the time, God surprises me with the connections he makes.  God designed his church to be many parts connected through his Spirit—to become a whole.  He builds us together as each part is placed and does its part.

         The upcoming Taste of New Orleans Ministry Fair is a great opportunity to see all the parts of this church and how they fit together.  If you haven’t found your place to learn, fellowship, serve and grow—it’s a good place to start looking.  If you’re plugged in right where you need to be, it’s a good place to see where others are plugged in—and to know how to pray for them and the church.  It’s also a good place to help a friend or two see how they might fit in with this beautifully crazy creation of God’s design.

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