At the end of our last Capital Campaign, I continued to contribute to the building fund knowing there would be needs for our building in our future. I continued this offering for a number of years since it had become a part of our household ...

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      What Now?

      02.23.17 | by Christi Gibson

      When I received Jesus as my Savior, I understood two changes had taken place. First, my future was secure. When I died someday, I would go to heaven. Second, I was a member of God’s family. I was a part of a family—a body. The belonging ...

        I'm Thankful For Don

        11.17.16 | by Christi Gibson

        This week, I sat down for a quick conversation with one of our Care Effect volunteers. Every Wednesday morning, Don Adair faithfully shows up at FBNO. He spends the day filling saltshakers, cleaning tables, and whatever else needs to be done ...

          Making A Global Impact

          10.28.16 | by Christi Gibson

          We first met Sahadu over seven years ago—on one of our first trips to Ghana. He wasn’t one of the “Onion Boys.” He was one of the lucky refugees who had found another way to earn money, and didn’t have to sell onions on the side of ...

            $10 Well Spent

            10.20.16 | by Christi Gibson

            Floyd told us that he wants to be a preacher. He’s not sure what he’ll preach about, because he’s never read the Bible -- but he’s watched television preachers and figures their life must be better than the one he lives working on ...

              It's "I Love My Church" Week

              08.05.16 | by Christi Gibson

              The professor came all the way from Arkansas to hear about Inward – our Care Effect ministry that reaches out to women in the clubs on Bourbon Street. Before I knew it, I’d given him a copy of the FBNO Ministry Magazine, taken him to visit ...


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