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    A Part of Something Big

    10.13.17 | by Christi Gibson

         One of the wonders of modern technology is that our international mission teams get to keep up with the people we work with on the other side of the world. Using social media and various texting applications, we exchange Scripture...

      Generous Means Proportionately

      09.15.17 | by Christi Gibson

           When we rode in the car for long trips, my sister and I had a line we didn’t cross. The line wasn’t always in the middle—it changed from trip to trip. On some trips, the sister who had the hanging clothes on her side of the car got a bigger...

        Everything FBNO

        08.11.17 | by Christi Gibson

             You know the way some people feel about a sports team, a video game, or music? I feel that way about the church. I’m amazed and fascinated at the way God brings so many people together—with different personalities, gifts, abilities, and...


          08.04.17 | by Christi Gibson

               I loved Connect-the-Dot pages when I was a child.  I usually stared at the page for several minutes before I touched my pencil to the page—connecting the numbers in my mind to see if I could guess what the picture would be.  I find myself...


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