A Part of Something Big

10.13.17 | by Christi Gibson

         One of the wonders of modern technology is that our international mission teams get to keep up with the people we work with on the other side of the world. Using social media and various texting applications, we exchange Scripture, encouraging words, and sometimes just a laugh or two.

         When our teams first met A. more than seven years ago, he was not a believer in Jesus, he did not speak any English and he had never had the opportunity to learn to read and write. All of that has changed, and he is now a leader in the ministry and sends us regular updates in both Zharma and English via WhatsApp. When he made a recent mission trip back to his home village in Niger, he sent pictures and greetings from the people we had met there on our trip in January.

         I want you to think about all that A. has to do to send these updates—he thinks about what he wants to say, translates his message from Zharma to English, and sounds it out in his head before typing it out for us. He’s not using a smart phone. Then he reads, sounds out and translates the many words we use in reply before starting all over again with an answer. I always read his messages out loud, because they sound exactly like what he means to say even if they don’t look like it. He is pretty amazing. 

         I’m grateful to have brothers and sisters in Christ who I have to work a little bit to understand. Whether they are from a different country, a different culture or just a different point of view, the effort reminds me that I’m a part of something that is a lot bigger than me. I get to be a part of something bigger than me because of FBNO—and your heart for missions. If you GIVE to our Global Impact Offering, if you PRAY for our missions, if you GO outside these doors and share the love of Jesus—you are a part of the work that brought A. to Christ and sent him as a missionary to Niger. You are a part of something a lot bigger than you.


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